Characteristics of Ocean Transportation

Shipping forwarder is depending on a specific shipping route for transporting goods. The type of the ships use for ocean transportation as follows: cargo ships, container ships, large bulk carriers.

Ship registries should be judged on their responsiveness, their proactivity, their quality of service, their treatment of seafarers, their ratification and implementation of modern regulatory conventions and their safety records. Port state control safety and casualty records independently judge the quality of a flag administration.

Shipping Forwarder and Ocean Common Carrier

Shipping forwarder service enterprises accepting consignors entrusted, for shipping goods. Vessel arrival and departure procedures, arrangements for port operations, to accept booking, signed bills of lading, collection of ocean transportation services.

  • 1. Liner shipping is regular shopping service operate on a scheduled basis. Liners repeatedly call at major ports along a pendulum route.
  • 2. The routes, ports of call and sailing schedule and rates are predetermined and published in advance.
  • 3. The rights and responsibilities of both parties and their exemption should be based on the clauses in the ocean B/L issued by the line operator.
  • 4. Break-bulk or general cargoes with high value per unit of weight are often carried in shipping forwarder.
  • 5. Loading and discharging cost is included in the freight rates.